Licensed and Fully Insured (Lic#:  288904c)

A Relined pipe

Pipe Relining

You've likely heard stories where plumbers have had to pull up floorboards or tiles, or dig up lawns to replace sections of damaged sewer pipe. You’re up for the cost of digging, and the cost of getting things back to normal.  Well now there is another, less invasive option!

Pipe Relining enables sections of damaged pipe to be repaired without having to dig or physically replace them.

How does Pipe Relining Work?

Resin is inserted into a liner which is then positioned inside the damaged section of pipe. Using compressed air the liner conforms to the inside of the pipe until the resin is cured. Once the resin has set, the "bladder" is removed leaving the pipe lined with the hardened resin.  This liner is now very difficult to penetrate meaning tree roots will have great difficulty cracking through the pipes again.